Frieze London Tours Tickets and Dates


Highlights: Get an overview of the fair including the most talked about artworks and a focus on established artists and big-name galleries. This tour also provides a deeper insight into the curated section.  £18 student / £24 full price

Emerging Trends: Who are the up-and-coming stars of the contemporary art world? The Emerging Trends tour will provide you with an introduction to Frieze along with a special focus on the artists and young galleries in our Focus section.  £18 student / £24 full price


The curated spotlight tours provide a private more tailored experience for individuals or larger groups. From photography to the Millennial market, family-friendly to Asian art, for both corporate visits and individual interest, these tours are specifically created to cover all your requirements. We have a limited number of curated tours available, so early booking is recommended. This tour should be of special interest to anyone also interested in beginning an art collection and can include introductions to galleries. £70 per person + booking fee (with minimum of 4 people) OR £400.00 + booking fee for group of up to 8 ppl.  Note: The Curated Tour tickets do not include admission to the fair.


An exclusive opportunity for those interested in collecting art to explore the fair accompanied by an independent art specialist. With personal introductions to galleries, each tour lasts approximately 2 hours and is curated with your interests and budget in mind. This comes with a prior conversation to assess your objectives. £500.00 + booking fee for individuals and couples.  Note: The Collectors' Tour tickets do not include admission to the fair.


A wonderful opportunity to walk around the Frieze Sculpture park in The Regent’s Park and learn more about the collection of incredible sculpture from all around the world. You will make your way through the English Gardens and explore a selection of highlights of the conceptual, humorous and imaginative sculptures which thoughtfully push the scope of the sculptural medium. £18 student / £24 full price


Sorry, there are no shows for Frieze London Tours right now.